St John the Evangelist Church

Roman Catholic

21 S 13th St

Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Beautiful 100 year old church. Run by Capuchin Friars. Every Friday after the 12:00 mass they venerate a relic of Saint Padre Pio. Would like to see the addition of the Traditional Latin Mass in the extraordinary form. Daily Mass schedule is great very convenient times especially if you work in the city like I do. Daily exposition of the most blessed sacrament. Also excellent confession schedule. If they offered a Latin mass it would be even better. That being said they offer so much.


There's no excuse why this church should not have a regular Traditional Latin Mass. Center City needs a Traditional parish. The Franscian friars are a nice bunch, just a little too fixated on mainstream Novus Ordo. As a for instance: I attended Benediction in the downstairs chapel. It was holy and solemn when the priest, in his cope, was praying the Latin and doing the incense, but then they had a lay woman come up and read some scripture. This was NOT necessary because there were only 10 people in the chapel at the time. The priest could have done this. The obsession to have lay people intrude and be a part of every liturgical service is weird. This chuch also has a Young Adult Community Mass. This to me means a Mass with guitars and hymns that are more popular culture than sacred. Can you imagine the Eastern Orthodox having a Young Adult Community Divine Liturgy? Not on your life. Get back to Tradition, dear Friars!