St Mark's Church

Roman Catholic

1625 Locust Street

Philadelphia, PA 19103

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Sorry, women priests in golden vestments is still a disturbing sight.


This church is wonderful. It has traditional worship style with progressive thinking, the best of both worlds. The choir is amazing. But more than the beautiful music is the warmth of the people. Everyone is respectful and kind and eager to share their love of St. Mark's.


St Marks, its spiritual presence, its service and its Staff are to be applauded as exemplary in God's work...The Golden vestments ring true to the Kingdom of God and the Glory due accodingly. I come from the Roman Catholic Wash.DC...and wish the protocals and style were revived as is done at St. Mark's...I feel highly spiritually enriched after each service I've attended at St Marks...keep it rate 5 as my highest rating...I could offer no suggestion above whatis done already. J.D.Benton /


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